Septic Consulting

Arius Caron:
Real Estate Septic Inspector since 2003

Expert in Septic Systems and “Aerobic Bacterial Generators”
Maine Certified Septic Inspector #827

Happy to Help:

Decades as a septic inspector has limited my ability to dig holes every day, which is why FixME LLC is focused on more diverse services. That said, I am an expert in septic system inspection and repair, especially pertaining to real estate transactions. So, I will continue to make myself available for for limited septic services and am always happy to answer questions regarding inspections and septic systems in general.


  • Inspection: Inspection services start at $450. This inspection could be considered an “in depth technical evaluation”, and goes far above and beyond the minimum voluntary guidelines from the Maine Division of Health Engineering or the Maine Association of Site Evaluators. This may not be the right fit for for all systems or consumers, but is ideal for discerning clients and/or second opinions. I utilize state of the art equipment backed with decades of experience. Enough time will be allotted to make sure nothing is overlooked. All suspicious fixtures will be dye tested to ensure there are no illegal discharges. All subsurface electrical wiring in proximity to the system will be located and marked prior to breaking ground. Radio location techniques, including flushable transmitters will be deployed when necessary. Both septic tank inspection ports will be opened unless they are inaccessible, in which case a pipe camera will be used, or heavy equipment will be recommended to complete the inspection. A “self leveling” HD pipe camera will be used to inspect the pipes from the house to septic tank, from the septic tank to the drain field or pump station, as well as into the distribution box or drain field components when applicable. “Load testing” will be cautiously used to identify deficiencies with any pumped systems, or with systems considered past their normal life expectancies. The drain field type/product will be identified, as well as the type of distribution used, then the drainage area will be thoroughly inspected and tested accordingly. Contact us with the property details for a brief no obligation consultation to see if our service fits your needs.
  • Deficiency Analysis: Septic problems with pipes, pumps, distribution mechanisms, and other system components are common. Before making big expensive replacement decisions, I can confirm the worst, or offer repair solutions for serviceable deficiencies.
  • Consultation/Mediation: Differences in opinion among inspectors are common when there aren’t any hard and fast rules regarding inspections. I’m happy to offer mediation in these scenarios, as well as adding my professional opinion.
  • Contingency Repair: If an inspection has “passed” inspection, but there are small repairs/improvements necessary, I am happy to offer solutions. Often times septic pumpers and installers wont make the time to take care of these minor issues, but you can count on me to provide repairs/improvements with documentation that shows discerning clients that the problems have been resolved the right way the first time.
  • Improvements/Repairs: Risers, effluent filters, pumps, baffles, minor pipe repairs, and more are all within the scope of work I offer.
  • Other: If the scope of work is too great, I’ll happily refer you to trusted contacts, and may even be involved in the project along side of them. Never hesitate to contact me, I’ll always do my best to provide solutions and guidance.
  • Contact Us for a brief consultation/estimate.

Inspection Results:

  • A report will be prepared during the inspection reviewing all the accessible system components. This will contain descriptions and images of the critical portions of the system.
  • A brief summary of any system deficiencies will be provided. This will detail any service requirements, repairs, recommended improvements, or significant problems that may require system replacement.
  • If any repairs or improvements are necessary (not including significant expenses like tank or drain field replacment), I will provide an estimate so the costs can be settled during the inspection contingency time frame.