About Us

Experience You Can Trust

My name is Arius Caron, the owner of FixME LLC. I have spent the last few decades working independently as well as for various contractors, business owners, and home owners providing professional services. I started with 2 years of vocational school for Industrial Electricity, which was an extremely valuable experience. In 2003 I went to work for Northeast Inspection Services, assisting in real estate home inspection. I also operated the business owner’s “Advanced Wastewater Treatment System” and performed thousands of septic inspections during that time. The Sub-Prime mortgage crisis severely impacted the inspection industry, so I applied my lifetime of personal computer tinkering to take on a second job as a Computer Repair Professional for a shop in Portland. After about 5 years of fixing PC’s and home networking for clients on the side I recommitted myself to independently offering septic inspection & repair services, property maintenance services, as well as residential repair and improvement services.

Handyman Services

My experience with homeowners over the years has taught me that almost everyone needs a little help with tasks that may be hazardous or take special tools or knowledge. In my career I have had the opportunity to learn and experience most aspects of residential home maintenance and repair as well as gaining significant experience in IT and installing tech in peoples homes. I am committed to leveraging all my experiences to best serve my clients through FixME LLC.